These are great resources for expat teachers. Many lesson plans ranging from elementary to adult.

Waygook– A good resource for ESL teachers primarily in South Korea.

Daves ESL – A great resource for lesson plans and jobs

Discovery Education – Free standards based lesson plans written by teachers

EZ school – worksheets grammar/sentence practice

BOOGLES WORLD – lots of useful worksheets (great for ELL students)

Eslprintables – this site is good for sharing lesson plans, ppts and other resources

Kizclub – This is a useful site for pre-school and elementary (cute craft ideas)

ESL KIDS LAB- worksheets/flashcards – This site has useful printable flashcards and worksheets

ESL lessons – Great lesson plans for different levels

Lesson plans page – Another site that provides lesson ideas for different levels

ESL tower – This is a good resource for ESL and ELL teachers and students

Eslflow – This is another useful resource for ESL and ELL teachers and students

Word searches – A fun site with word-searches and word search generators

A-Z teacherstuff – Crossword puzzles and other fun activities

Super teachers lessons & printables – A great site with loads of printables and lesson plans

Technology – A useful site for integrating technology in the classroom

ESL _ printable worksheets – another good resource for ESL/ELL worksheets

Using English – teacher handouts/printables-Grammar and language use worksheets for students of various levels



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