October 2014 archive

Classroom management and discipline: What works?

As educators we have all faced a situation where we have had to use classroom management to redirect the actions of a misbehaving student. But what works when it comes to discipline and classroom management? What does the research say about best practices?

This American life Brings up some great questions regarding student discipline in the podcast “Is this working?” You can find the full episode on their website here: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/538/is-this-working

A simple Google search about research on classroom management will provide loads of information and articles. One of my favorite researched based strategies is the STOP and THINK social skills program described by project ACHIEVE.


Using technology in the classroom: BAND phone app

Hi everyone!

Have you heard of the phone app called BAND. It is a social media platform specifically for groups. You can create a group for each class. Every group that is created has its own ‘wall’ for group posts and members can upload photos, videos, documents etc. It’s a great platform for sharing ideas and posting questions for student responses. Students can respond to you, other students and further classroom discussions. It’s also a great way to keep the communication lines  between teacher and students active. Another great feature is the calendar function which can allow the teacher to share academic calendars, assignments and such. A coworker told me about it and said it was an excellent way to communicate with all students and to encourage communication between students. If you want to learn more about BAND you can read about it on Wikipedia.


Hello and welcome everyone! I created this blog because I want to connect with other educators online, stay in touch with teachers I’ve met and share ideas. I know there are many of you out there who are like me and I am hoping to create a community of educators who want to share ideas, questions, resources, lesson plans and keep up with the latest news and technology. Whether you are a veteran teacher, an international teacher, a new teacher or simply interested in education,  I believe we all have something to contribute to one another. My hope is that this blog will be used as a platform for an online community of teachers who want to expand their knowledge and empower their students.